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  • How long does my hair need to be for a wax?
    The golden rule is AT LEAST a sprinkle. However, I HIGHLY recommend growing your hair for 3-4 weeks. Especially women who shave regularly. This gives your hair time to grow and your skin time to heal.
  • Oops! What if my cycle comes on & I'm scheduled for a wax?
    We all know that things happen! I am 100% okay with waxing you. My only request is that you wear either a tampon or menstrual cup. Also, please keep in mind that waxing during this time increases sensitivity due to raised hormone levels.
  • How long does a wax last?
    Waxes typically last 4-6 weeks.
  • What should I do in between waxes?
    EXFOLIATE! Be sure to exfoliate 2x a week using a sugar scrub, exfoliating gloves, or an exfoliating cloth.
  • Is there anything I can't do after a wax?
    After a wax your skin is more sensitive. Avoid extremely hot showers, intense workouts, and sex for 24 hours.

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